Be Unique With A Compelling Website.


Importance of an Attractive Website 

Your website is undoubtedly your top marketing asset. More than 90% of online marketing and branding starts with a search engine, and more than 50% of your potential consumer or target audience find you through your website. In today’s market, people trust the credibility of a business by their designed website and its performance. Therefore, your website is the cover of your book that attracts traffic and contrary to popular belief, people can still judge a book by its cover!

  Our Successful Web Designing Process

At Beyond Vantage we use WordPress Content Management; a versatile system, friendly on multiple devices, that is used by many Fortune 500 companies such as eBay, UPS, IBM,  Reuters News, and many more. Over 7.5 million other sites of all different sizes and niches also use WordPress.  WordPress offers five exceptional features that make it different and unique from other Content Management Systems available in the market: 

1. Multi-Site Options

 You can use the same installation to host Multiple WordPress Sites. WordPress also allows you to create a variety of specially designated accounts perfectly customizable for each of your team members.


2. Multiple Plugins and Versatility

  If you are trying to sell your timeshare, keep your content organized, or building an unobtrusive Search Engine Optimization interface for your bloggers, then WordPress is your best option. This CMS offers unlimited free plugins such as All in One SEO Pack, My Calendar etc., to fulfill all your requirements and exceed your expectations. 

3. Elegant Themes

 One of the most widely used themes for WordPress is the Divi theme, offered to you by Elegant Themes, a company of highly experienced and professional web designers.  Whether you want a website for your shop, a beautiful event, or a simple operating system for even the least experienced business owner to use then, take advantage of  this wonderful solution as there is a theme for every business.


4.  Stable Plugins and Autonomy 

 WordPress saves  your business extra monitoring and maintenance time as all its plugins are stable and do not need other plugins to function.  If you want to avoid site downtime issues and outstanding maintenance fees then this is the platform for you.  It takes only 15 minutes to back up your database manually, several minutes if using a backup plugin, and just some moments to edit and update content.


5.   Easy to USE

You can change theme layouts in under minutes, use quick-edit options to create tags, alt texts, meta tags and SEO friendly words, graphics, and content. You can create multiple blogs and link your existing content to your blogs or other social pages.  WordPress makes Email-Marketing and Social-Media Marketing very simplified with all the remarkable features inbound marketing tools available.


What We Have To Offer?

Beyond Vantage specializes in developing affordable, high-quality, and high-performing websites that will work for you like a 24/7 customer service rep. We will do everything for you, from web designing, to hosting and optimizing. Here is a list of things we will utilize to create a turn-key website for you:

  • Hosting and Coding
  • Graphic and Infographics
  • Web Analytics tracking
  • SEO Optimized Site
  • Content Upload
  • Lead Generating using targeted content and analytics
  • Multi-Device and Browser compatibility
  • Links connected with Social Media Pages
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Landing Pages and more

Let’s ‘Wow’ With WordPress!

Increase Your Online Presence

Get more clicks and impressions with our exclusively designed responsive websites using WordPress. In the digital arena, all businesses today need a website to run the business successfully and consumers’ trusts. If your website is not mobile friendly, does not convert viewers into leads, and not satisfying your sales goals then it is time for a change.

Let our certified team of web designers and developers design an effective and modern website for your brand that will satisfy all your business requirements!




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