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Why Your Business Needs Online Marketing Videos

It is vital to add fascinating videos to your website and social sites in order to gain visibility, engage your visitors, build trust or credibility and to get the best conversion rate. A video is a way of describing your business, brand, product or services with a visually and it also help you to present your purpose in motion.  

Most businesses are now using video marketing strategies to captivate audiences and drive leads. Want to know how?

Google tends to display a variety of media clips on its search engine results, making videos to rank higher than pages with plain texts.

After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine out there. Start using it.

Our research shows that sites with effective videos get more visitors than sites with no videos.

Videos drives branding and build trust just like the TV commercials we see everyday.

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The most effective marketing videos are the ones under three minutes for profile videos and under 60 seconds for Advertisements. Consumers prefer videos that are short, and easy to follow, not time consuming. Therefore, Video Marketing should be an essential part of your Marketing Plan.