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 Pay Per Click Management

If you are tired of applying traditional strategies and browsing all over the web how to convert your audience to sales, then you are in the right place. Let our PPC expert managers help you turn your leads into sales and develop Paid Search accounts from scratch utilizing data-driven strategies while holding us responsible for your success. We take our responsibilities sincerely, and every segment of our PPC team is a Google Adwords, and Hubspot certified.

We’re also a Hubspot Certified Partner, which means we have privileged access to multiple advance tools and platforms that will advance your success and help you to compete with your competitors vigorously.


  1. Grasping the situation to find valuable consumers
  2. Comprehensive Strategy for a complete Testing Structure
  3. Uncovering Attribution to generate real-time reports
  4. Expand channel smartly with data-driven strategies

What is PPC?

Paid advertising is a type of advertising that you have to pay for, as compared to owned or earned advertising. Paid advertising allows marketers to pay the landlord of ad space in return of using  their owned space to display ads as for specific clients. The price that we pay for these ad spaces is often settled down by a bidding process between marketers and the ad space proprietor.

Why is paid-advertising an important marketing technique?
Paid advertising is an expensive form of advertising, but it is an effective way to present your company’s name to a widespread audience. Paid ads are usually shown to your target audience on the sides, tops, or bottoms of numerous web pages through campaign management tools. Marketers can pay higher prices to make their ads highlighted on more successful websites to boost traffic.

The various categories of paid ads are PPC, PPI, and display ads. These ads empower marketers to customize their campaigns for better results. The ever-growing demand for social media has lately turned social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn into powerful platforms for paid ads.


Our PPC integrated teams will guide you through a victorious and powerful PPC campaign. We know how to satisfy the demands of our clients and help them apply resources that are appropriate for their brand’s need.

Our goal is to develop more leads and achieve low costs per lead acquisition. Indeed, no one knows your company better than you do, but if you decide to team up with Beyond Vantage, we’ll understand it better than any other company.


Our Tools and Technology

We are not tool skeptics. Our team believes that there are suitable tools for your project based on your requirements, budget, and complexity. Here is a sample of the channels we use to maximize the profits of our clients in our PPC process.