Content Marketing

Content is the key to your company’s  success.

Our Approach

Beyond Vantage has a team of excellent content writers and critical thinkers. Our team gracefully create fascinating in-house contents utilizing data-driven software and metrics.

Our content writers and graphic designers designs content for your blog, website or social sites after a thorough market research and analysis. We use competitive analytics, conversion rates and other valuable data for content creations and we review all data multiple times to make sure its is up to date and has shown sustained results in the past. We grasp your dream and understand your company’s vision, to create appealing contents accordingly.

Last, we construct campaigns-focused themes, and marketing plans to attract the right audience for the right content.

Content Marketing Strategy

Strategy Development

Our team of dedicated Content Marketers will guide you through the entire process with data-driven and advance strategies. We will help you with:

-Content strategy

-Content Materials and Audit

-Content Analysis

Analytics Development

Our Google Analytics experts will help you to measure your marketing results. We will help you setup and manage:

-Google Analytics Account

-Analytics Audits and Search Console

-Metrics, ROI and KPIs

Content Marketing Demo

We will provide customized online training/demo if requested, to help you better understand what we do and how we do it:

– Complete Content Marketing Strategy

-Develop Consumer Curriculum for your Team

-You pick the day and time

Content Production

Content Creation

We create exceptional content for your target audience with Hubspot:

  1. Blog | Social Media Content
  2. Copywriting
  3. Visual Data Projects
  4. Content for Events | Trade Shows

Content Management

Stale content hurts your business and turns off potential customers:

  1. Content Updates & Maintenance
  2. Content Materials & Audit
  3. Web Management

Write for Your Audience Not Search Engines


If your Blog, Website or Social Sites has contents that are created with high level keywords, back-linking schemes and technical writing just to rank high on the search engines, then it is time to make some corrections.

It is important to rank high on search engines but your contents should be written more for your audience.  It should be user-centric and built using easy grasping materials that are cherished by your readers. Contents are stories that your audience can emotionally and intensely connects with.

Content Promotion

There are many different ways how we can reach out to a large number of audience with the right content at the right time.

Owned, Paid and Earned Media

We will implement multiple strategies to backup your content when your audience will view it:

  • Paid Content Amplification
  • Email-Newsletter Marketing
  • Promotion Through Social Sites
  • Specific campaigns
Search Engine Optimization

Our team will help you gain more organic traffic with integrated SEO strategy:

  • Organic Search Strategy
  • Research on Keywords and Content
  • Responsive Website Audits and Local SEO
  • Promotional Contents with link building
Social Media Marketing

We will help you manage your social media calendars using HootSuite or HubSpot and will promote customized ads through multiple social sites:

  • Facebook and Instagram
  • LinkedIn |Google+ | Pinterest | YouTube
  • Twitter and More
Paid Media

Paid media is one of the effective ways to get your content out to target the right amount of audience at the right time:

  • Paid Social Media Content
  • Pay Per Click and Re-targeting
  • Local Advertising and Sponsored Ads.
Email Marketing

We will help you create your customized newsletter process:

  • Unique Email Content with Pictures, Brochures, Ads templates and Videos
  • Responsive Email Theme Development
  • Monthly Split testing, A/B Testing and Reporting

Blogging is the most effective way of promoting your content:

  • Educational Content for your Audience
  • Video and Animated Content
  • Articles, Press Releases and Announcements

As per our market research, these are the effective rates of

each promotional strategies on an average:

  • Owned, Earned and Paid Media 80% 80%
  • Search Engine Optimization 100% 100%
  • Social Media Marketing 90% 90%
  • Paid Media 75% 75%
  • Email Marketing 85% 85%
  • Blog 100% 100%