Additional Services



Your company’s logo is one of the most essential aspects of your brand’s image. Allow us to help you visually express your company’s identity through custom designed logo’s by our exceptionally talented designers.

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Use or utilize our custom brochures to promote your business. Slide to see brochure samples. ⇒


Establish better branding and potentially gain high-quality backlinks onto your site and significantly generate monthly traffic to your website with our custom designed infographics.

Whitepaper | Press Releases

Stand out in the crowd by effectively presenting what you have to offer and influence the decision-making processes of current and prospective clients with our impressive whitepapers.

Banners, Posters/Flyers

Improve your brand identity and engage your prospective clients by promoting your company during a special event for instance: sales, inaugurations, innovative business updates etc. Here at Beyond Vantage, we design unique backdrops, banners, posters, and flyers that best fits your requirements. 

Report For Proposal (RFP) & Report For Information (RFI)

A professionally generated business proposals could help you Obtain more business opportunities and generate leads. Allow us to write creative proposals and help your business grow.

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Ad Designs

Spread brand awareness and advertise your products in the best way possible to attract a large audience. We design ads for different channels (social media, PPC, etc.) and provide your brand with the opportunity to connect with your clients and convert leads into buying customers.

Business Cards

Represent your company in the most accurate way by having a custom designed business card with your logo on it. Customize your card by using your company’s logo, colors, fonts, or background of choice. Our designers will make sure to create the best-fit business card for you.

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